The NFL football season is my favorite time of the year.? It is the time of the year when one day a week I can literally do nothing but relax and I don’t feel guilty about it.? I love to watch football and I love to watch a lot of football!? The problem that I had previously is that I wanted to watch every football game live but I couldn’t.? I went to order Direct TV but the tree line wouldn’t allow me to receive a signal so Direct TV told me it was a no go… I could not get Direct TV nor the NFL package even though I was willing to pay their high price.

I came online and searched for hours and hours and I actually came up with some pretty decent options on how to watch football online.? There is a forum where football fans can talk about being able to watch football online and there are also single sites such as and Being able to watch football live is great so that if you do fantasy football you can track the players you have on your team in real time.? Or if your favorite team never plays on your local TV station because they are in a different state, then being able to watch football online is a nice alternative that you may consider.

There are a couple of discussions that the NFL is having, one of which is to extend the regular season to 18 games.? They would do this by eliminating two of the preseason games and instead making them regular season games.? I’m all for this as more football is more fun and I don’t really watch the preseason, but the players are opposed to this.? I understand that an extra two games would take a toll on their body so I can empathize, but at the same time they would be able to break into the record books a lot faster with a longer season.? A longer season is also better because if a player gets hurt he has more time to come back and play in the regular season, especially in those pivotal football games that happen in the last few weeks of the year.

The one change that I would make to football is limiting the salaries.? It is pretty insane how much going to a game costs and the average household cannot afford this.? Between getting a hot dog and a beer it can run you $20.? And honestly, the hot dog and the beer at the football stadium both are not the tastiest things you’ve ever eaten.? I honestly prefer to watch football from my living room where I can see the game well, I have all the food I want, I don’t need to pay to park my car, and at the end of the game I can then watch the next round of games and not have to sit in traffic.

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