After a recent string of being the first loser (i.e.? the 2nd highest bidder) in a bunch of auctions over the past month I came through with some decent domain name purchases today.? I was going after five domains and I ended up being the winner on four of them, two at the GreatDomains auction which closed today and two on Snapnames.? So what did I buy and what are my plans for them?

Well, first we’ll start out with the domain I didn’t end up winning.? At GreatDomains was I am not in the adult space at all, but I think this was a very solid name.? It is one word, meaningful, and you could build a brand off of it.? I was bidding on this domain with the intent of trying to flip it but I walked away with my final bid of around $4k and lost the auction to the winner who paid $100 more then my highest offer.? I had the feeling that I was bidding against a potential end user and as such he would be willing to keep going higher so I walked away.

On to what I did buy…? at GreatDomains I won for $70 (I was the only bidder).? I have a few banking related domain names which I am hoping to add to, package, and sell to someone in the banking industry.? If you have any banking related domain names that you’re looking to sell (and are asking reseller prices and not end user prices) drop me a line.? I’m only interested in one or two word domains that are solid.? Nothing weird and nothing outside of .com, .net, and .org.

Over on Snapnames I had not been an active user for a while but I jumped back in today and won two domains, for $101 and HotelDiscount for $1,111.? Both will be developed.? I may try building an Amazon store on and for HotelDiscount I’m going to use one of the scripts or APIs of a hotel comparison affiliate company.? If I develop these two well I should be able to break even in less than 3 months of a developed site up being up and running.

So I got myself a few new projects, mixed with a few current projects I’m working on and you won’t see me at any bars for the next few months.? Though I’ll go out for quite a lot of drinks once they are all done and running.

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    Have a great CHRISTmas.
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  • Thanks but these don’t go along with the type of domains I’m building a collection of. Look for 1 or 2 word domains. Not trendy/brandable but more keyword focused such as:


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