I’m pissed DomainNameSales. I switched a few months ago from brokering my own domains to using the DNS brokers. I would expect the negotiation skills of people who do negotiating full time to be much better than my own. I’m switching back to self brokered because of what I just noticed in my account, and between what happened and the steep drop in parking revenue I’m considering if DNS is the right route for me to keep my domains on so I need to think more about what I want in the future.

On April 18th someone inquired about a domain I own and the DNS broker responded with my price on April 19th. On the same day the buyer replied with ‘no thanks’. I’ve had people in the past tell me “no” and then contact me a day or a week or a month later and start talks up on the domain. They are trying to play hardball or see if I get desperate on the domain. DNS is screwing my chances on that happening on this domain (and lord knows how many others). On April 21st the broker sent an email to the inquirer offering him a link to buy the domain name in the extensions that Frank owns. The email to the inquirer said, “I have given it some thought and I would like to propose a much more affordable option for you: an alternative domain. Click here to review several quality options.” Point blank, DNS is using my lead for their own use. I never opted in to give them the right to sell their products to my leads. And if they changed their terms of service I never received notice that I recall. If they sell one of their cheap extensions to MY LEAD I would get a $2 or $3 commission while missing out on the potential of $15k (which was my price on this domain). And this was not an old lead but rather a brand new fresh lead. If you want to screw me, at least leave some cash on the nightstand after each time guys.

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  • You are not alone, when I saw that hidden link giving an end user options, I hit the floor. To lose an option of several thousand dollars, and offer a end user a reg fee domain, has to be a domainers worst nightmare coming true. How else are they going to sell millions of gtld’s, as end users are not buying them as of right now, but the lights have to stay on while they attempt to build some steam. This could be one of the reasons DNS was opened up to the general public, all those leads, all that data, it has value.

  • Hello. My name is Jeffrey Gabriel. I am the Vice President of Sales at DomainNameSales.com.

    I always appreciate reading comments from our customers, and seeing how they feel about what we are doing. I would be happy to do my best to understand what happened, and fix what you are writing about. I cannot help if I do not know the account, portfolio or the lead this occurred on.

    My phone number is 800.818.1828 x6261
    My email is Jeff@domainnamesales.com

    I surely hope that an issue like this does not outweigh all of the hard work we have put into the opportunities you have given us.

    Thank you for your business.

    • Email sent, not sure how this can be resolved unless DNS changes the process for everyone. Wipes the slate clean and make it opt in instead of an opt out approach. Because using domainers’ leads to generate registrations for DNS related extensions is not a good practice.

  • Yep. And now you’re seeing what everyone predicted quietly behind closed doors when you have vertical integration amongst registry -> registrar -> end user for all of these .strings.

    How can you trust any of these scammy operators?

    These are the same people that are trying to pimp out .extension after .extension to unsuspecting business owners and glorifying how amazing they are… What a sham.

    Buyer beware. Every one of these so-called “new gTLD” registry has an agenda and only care about you as the customer as long as you’re buying, buying, buying their .flavorOftheDay.

  • This issue with DNS was also brought up on the DomainSherpa discussion today. Apparently there is a ‘hidden’ option somewhere on the DNS interface that is ‘ticked’ and which allows them to do what they did to you. One of the Sherpas, Adam Dicker, talked about what the same thing you experienced happening with one of his domains so check out the video (around the 40 minute mark) and I think he also explains how to disable the option.
    DNS really are taking the p!ss with this one.

  • @Jeff

    I hope you guys make sure it is for everyone opt-out by default. Please release a statement about this so there are no trust issues.

    Thank you !

    • I see that also so looks like they made this switch which. The platform is great but this issue would have probably pushed me to move my domains somewhere else, but as long as they keep this unchecked and I don’t have to worry about my leads getting pushed other domains I will be staying with them.

  • This is totally insane behavior from the DNS broker in question!

    Is this really company policy at Frank’s house or is this just one clueless broker who doesn’t know what they are doing?

    Is Frank that desperate to sell a few new tlds that DNS has started suggesting them immediately as an option for domain buyer leads after first NO from the buyer?

    I have had several deals in the 5-figures after several no’s and you NEVER give up on a lead or start suggesting other options after the first no!

    Are Frank’s in-house domains also being brokered in this totally clueless fashion so Frank himself starts flogging new tlds after the first NO from a potential buyer.

  • Glad someone posted this – this has been happening to me too

    After the buyer says no the broker starts emailing them other domain options…. Instead of focusing and trying to broker my domain “broker” focuses on there portfolio.

    Sneaky Frank

  • This company is a joke. I inquired about a domain name from them and when they responded and told me to make an offer I politely declined. They came back with ? most start out at $1000. I, once again, politely declined and got ANOTHER response from an employee named Warren (wrr@mindspring.com) who told me how much of ?an asset that could add immense value to your enterprise? and yadda yadda. Once again, gave a much more hard hitting DO NOT EMAIL ME AGAIN ad got this lovely email response from good ?ol Warren :?Wow, so much anger! πŸ™‚ YOU contacted ME, remember? But as you wish I will mark you account so that you are no longer bothered with follow-up messages.? ? Literally copied and pasted that. Needless to say my next response was filled with things like ?Have you lost your mind?!? and BBB report threats and another plea to STOP EMAILING ME! and THIS is the response I got: ? Please relax and take a chill pill. You?re going to give yourself a heart attack. And please learn how to use the CAPSLOCK KEY properly! πŸ™‚ Go ahead, PULL THOSE STRINGS!!! :)? which was in reference to me stating I would pull strings to report him. Once again, copied and pasted for your enjoyment. I work in customer service and let me tell you if I even hinted at an attitude like this I would be fired on the spot with no hope of another respectable job again. This company, is a joke?COMPLETE joke! And ask yourself this ? would you really want someone who treats their customers like this as someone you would trust to purchase something as important as a domain name from? Clearly not?.Don’t believe me? Just look at their complaint page where the VP rates everything 5 stars every time he issues a response – http://domainingreviews.com/domainnamesales-com/

  • Ladies and Gentlemen,

    We rectified the situation explaining the Alisa that there are people on our platform who do work for DomainNameSales.com, and others who use our software to sell their own domains. Alisa came across a seller who did violate our policy and was dealt with accordingly. I offered to Alisa to talk over the phone and handle this personally.

    I urge you to read the bottom of the thread she sited, and make your own decisions about us.

    Jeffrey M. Gabriel
    Vice President of Sales – DomainNameSales

  • The company indeed is a joke. I asked about one domain. In few minutes I got response to call them. I answered: no, I solve only urgent things over the phone. Just quote price or let it be. I got response #2, where they asked me to call them again. I said: No, good bye. Few mins after came response #3 – the same email as response #2.

    Conclusion: they want to upsell like hell and they use just automated responses with random-few-mins delay. Is this a porn site with fake chat? Seriously you think I will throw away 4+figures to clown like you?

    It is a complete joke. Frank, Jeffrey, whoever – shame on you. You are a horrible company.

  • Wait a minute… So, help me understand this. Based on what I’ve been reading, there are a group of people out there who’ve acquired domains at a reasonable price.m They, in turn, have decided to use a the company domainnamesales to sell the domains at a less than reasonable price and are now pissed because the company wants to make money off of the domains by selling it at another markup which is even more unreasonable. Have I got this right?

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