I’m not sure about anyone else but the .com’s that I’ve been finding at the auction sites in the good-very good range have been selling for prices that I find would make it very hard for me to resell in a timely fashion.? As a result I’ve become very selective as I don’t want to overpay so my .com purchases have been lesser in quantity then they usually are.

I’ve did purchase mid to high five figures worth of the .co domains that expired and were auctioned off at GoDaddy a month or two ago.? I’ve had zero success sitting on a .co domain and getting an unsolicited offer from someone to buy it, but I have had success in reaching out to end users and offering them .co domains at a reasonable price ($1,000 or less).? Yeah, sure, I’d love to have every sale be more than that, but buying a domain for $35-$100 and selling it for $500-$1,000 with literally 15 minutes of “work” is more than acceptable to myself.? The key is having tools that automate the process for you.

I reached out to a domain owner years ago on a .net domain.? Never got a reply.? Now years later they wanted to sell it and reached out to me.? I was able to buy it at a price I was very happy with.? Dashboard.net for those who are curious.

I know people say the summer time is slow for domain sales, but over a 30 day stretch from June into July I had the best 30 day stretch of sales ever for myself with over $50,000 in sales.? Most of these were private and I try to keep the domain names that I sell in private out of my posts so I won’t list them, but the one public one that did sell was Clickbait.com for $9k which sold on the Flippa domain portfolio section.? I’ll tell you I received so many crap offers on that domain that the sale brought a smile to my face because it meant that the crap offers would stop blowing up my DNS inbox.? Separately I’ve got a .net domain sale that is in closing at DNS right now for five figures that I picked up a few months ago.? And some smaller sales sprinkled in this summer so this summer has been a good sales summer for me.

I’ve stayed away from gTLD purchases for the most part.? I did pick up a few .MBA domains with the intention of developing them (lead gen in the education niche is high paying).? Otherwise I’m just not a big believer in them.? I think you’ll see sales here and there but for how many gTLDS domainers have purchased the amount of sales is nothing.? So when you hear that a .Estate domain sold for $50k in the aftermarket take it with a grain of sale because that is the big exception and not the norm.

I’ve talked before about marijuana/weed/cannabis/pot related domains because I have several hundred of them, lots of geo ones like ColoradoWeed.com, LosAngelesMarijuana.com, CaliforniaWeed.com, brandables as well like TryMarijuana.com, TryWeed.com, Marijuanable.com, and keyword domains as well like MarijuanaSupplies.com and MarijuanaHealthcare.com.? None have sold over the summer.? I was getting a ton of inquiries over the past year on my marijuana domains but since the summer started they have dried up.? Not sure if this is a trend or if the marijuana people take summers off but I found it very surprising as you see nothing but positive news about Colorado, the growth perspectives of marijuana, and what’s coming up on ballots.

I’ve started threads at domain forums telling people I have $10k to spend on a domain or two and to send me their best domain that they’d let go for this price.? I figured someone out there is sitting on a good domain that they are having trouble selling and would like to get out of it for a respectable price.? Nope.? The lesson from doing this is that you’ll get your inbox filled with crap.? There’s either garbage that no one in their right mind would pay $100 for let alone $10k, and the few that are halfway decent would sell for maybe $1,500-$2,000 on Namejet but of course the owners think every one should get $10k.

– Not a fan of the Pheenix change to open auction, will save me time though from having to place backorders there though.

– What happened to Expire.com?? I went there tonight to take a quick 10 second scan and there aren’t even domains listed there anymore.

– Namepros has really turned the forum around.? My favorite domain name forum to visit whereas a few years ago you couldn’t pay me to spend my time there.

– Is it me or has the number of quality pending delete or expired domains listed at Namejet fallen off a cliff.? Now everything is privately owned domains with reserves and usually these reserves are not reseller pricing from the auctions I’ve been watching so it is a waste of my time.? Namejet needs a filter to remove anything with a reserve price from the search results.

– Will someone please explain to me what the Asian buyers of all these crappy letter LLLL.com domains with Q’s, Z’s, X’s, etc… are going to do with them?? Or the NNNNNN.com domains?? I don’t get it.? There’s just so many of combinations of them, I don’t get it… at all.





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  • The LLLL.COM’s have turned into trading cards. The vast majority of them will never see the light of day as an active website or email address. The dog?s breakfast combinations of letters will never be used in the English speaking world, China or other part of the known universe. I always think of a bowl of Heinz Alphabet Soup when I see some of these combos. They make your head hurt just looking at them.

  • I have about 200 LLLL . com’s half good letters, and the half bad letters but to the Chinese they are amazing letters, I get about 50 emails a day, as many are set to privacy, you are so right, they are simply trading commodoties, or hedging against their dollar with anything they think can hold, or go up against any weakness in their economy.

    I get emails saying they want to purchase 5000 at a time at $500, I know these are the same type of letters Adam Dicker was letting delete from his inventory over a year ago, but whatever, I will take their money and get rid of these ugly letters.

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