Sometimes I buy a domain on a hunch, but with no plan for it.? Not exactly a good business process but it has worked out well for me in the past.? Through a domain forum the other day I bought the domain Friended . com from another member.? I am one of the minority who does not have a Facebook account but I easily recognize the term “friended” as I’ve heard tons of Facebook related stories about ‘who friended who’.? I figured since it is an easily recognizable popular term there must be some value there and if developed it could easily be branded.

What would you do with this domain?

A)? List it in an auction for a quick flip

B) Developed it???? (into what?)

C) I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place

D) Do a joint venture

E) Other

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  • I would develop the domain personally. You can make so much more money by actually developing it instead of just flipping it.

    if you dont mind me asking how much did u snag it for?

  • First thing I’d probably do in your shoes would be to establish a Facebook presence to better understand what you’re dealing with. If you’re morally opposed or whatever, seems like “A” is your best bet. Hard to answer “C” without knowing what you paid for it – the domain definitely has value though, keep us posted.

    • I’m not too keen on the poll thing. I like to hear people’s responses along with their thoughts. It is the thoughts more then the actual vote that I find value in.

  • Well you didn’t pay a high price for it, and the term does relate to Facebook which is huge and growing, so that’s positive.

    Keep it listed for sale at places like Sedo and such, you never know what will happen.

    If you are truly going to develop it (not talking mini-site I mean), you’d need a large budget or partner with a large budget. It could be made into something to do with social networking, or a support site or service for social networking. People link together on Facebook, but also on Twitter and Linkedin, and other sites. Nothing comes to mind about a specific thing you could do, but it would have to relate to social networking.

  • Hi, Caught this headline and jumped right in -it is right up my ally to give other people advice, while not taking it myself.

    Google is my friend, when I develop. Any coding question, etc., I type into Google and usually find the answer/plugin. So now, I just typed in “urban dictionary” “friended” and found the definitions. It has a whole OTHER definition unrelated to Facebook, and you should stick with this:

    (verb) When a girl or boy you have been on a few dates with decides they just want to be a friend. Once you are friended you are not allowed to be romantically interested in them. Friending can appear to happen without warning.

    “Damn, she just friended me”

    “After effectively friending John, Mary was able to date Mike”

    This is a whole CATEGORY of dating site, or dating aspect site, which is not being explored. What starts romantic, then the couple becomes friends, and they can’t go back, like Seinfeld. There are dating sites, and matching sites, and where are the sites for those who become just friends? You could fill a whole niche.

    My opinion is: don’t sign up for Facebook, esp. if you intend to develop, and as the reason for signup, is to develop, Friended dot com. Do as I say, and it is in your favor if FB ever goes after you, which it looks like FB is hostile to the online community, over any application which uses the term, “face,” and you can say in court, “I never even signed up for Facebook.”

    Facebook isn’t all that!

    Look, Facebook applied for, and received, a trademark on the word, “face,” for “in ?Telecommunication services, namely, providing online chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among computer users in the field of general interest and concerning social and entertainment subject matter.” – TechCrunch The legal community is outraged Facebook was granted the trademark. It seems hostile to me, what with my domain name, Face-Chat dot com, which I registered as a future for mobile phone video chat. Feasibly, Facebook could go after it and take it from me!

  • Well if it helps, I’ve heard (and just searched) this website who[dot]unfollowed[dot]me. And the function or feature of this website, if you do twitter, is basically come up of a list of people who unfollowed you… because yeah, you really have notification whatsoever on who decides to unfollow you.

    Now my suggestion is to come up with the same concept only it’s who ‘friended’ certain people. Because in some social networks, you can’t tell who’s somebody’s new friend mainly because the feature isn’t there or the notifications have been disabled for other people to see aside from the two parties involved. So this means you won’t be catering to Facebook alone.

    Again, it would be nice if you could get to know Facebook even for a week to get you familiar with what I am talking about here.

    Anyway, people are kind of nosy so it helps to inform them of what they don’t know :))

    Hope that brings in some ideas, even ones that aren’t related to my actual suggestion lol

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