I took a look at all the domain auctions I followed on Namejet that ended for the past 2.5 months and I grouped them by sales price to see what domains sold for a similar price. I thought it would be fun to see which is the smart buy out of each group and how many headscratches we see.

imeeting.com $15166

epan.com $15088

poolservices.com $15000

I don’t know what epan is doing in this group unless it means something in another language or it is an end user buy. I just visited the site and it is a parked page. If I had to pick one I’d go with PoolServices.com. I like iMeeting.com but one day the trendy “i” in front of everything will loose its appeal.

uth.com $7700

of.org $7603

certification.net $7501

suga.com $7400

I think Certification got a nice price here, but for the .net I think it is too much. I love pronounceable CVCV.com domains, but unless this gets a ton of typos for Sugar.com I think I’d rather have my money in one of the last remaining two. Tough choice but I’d go with OF.org. I think it would be easier to find an end user for this domain, and I think the potential room for profit is greater with this domain than UTH.com.

opposites.com $6600

qdk.com $6305

cruisesale.com $6200

This one will be quick, without a doubt I’d want Opposites.com here. I like CruiseSale.com but I think you could get a substitute domain and you’d be OK, while with the single word Opposites you can’t get a substitute.

wanka.com $5325

ivas.com $5300

pregnancytesting.com $5201

xpe.com $5200

This is a tough one, I’m not feeling giddy about any of these guys. Gun to the head I’d take PregnancyTesting.com though I’m not sure how many people use that term when looking for products online.

lover.net $5001

cush.com $5000

jzd.com $5000

vjz.com $4900

Easy, without a doubt I’d take Cush.com here. It is a certain type of weed (weed as in pot as in 4:20) and one day when they legalize it this will be a valuable domain.

mwk.com $4856

homenews.com $4766

chinatourism.com $4700

xth.com $4700

qbx.com $4700

I like ChinaTourism.com out of this group. HomeNews.com comes in at a distant second. I just don’t know what people are going to do with LLL.com’s with non-premium letters unless they know an end user that they can sell it to.

rgz.com $4511

zng.com $4506

zvl.com $4500

xeh.com $4455

zkb.com $4450

znf.com $4433

yzu.com $4433

ztn.com $4412

zgn.com $4403

I think this grouping shows what most of you already know, that LLL.com’s will sell in the almost mid $XXXX range even if the letter combo is not good. Ughhhhhh, I’d take either RGZ.com or ZTN.com… give me RGZ.com.

xdv.com $4015

xki.com $4011

zdv.com $4002

zcv.com $4001

xkm.com $4001

adultbusiness.com $4000

galvestonisland.com $4000

xrh.com $3999

pzv.com $3999

zjn.com $3988

xmv.com $3988

qvj.com $3967

energyefficient.com $3928

zfv.com $3924

I think AdultBusiness.com is a very solid domain and I also like EnergyEfficient.com because of the recognition that term is getting with regards to household appliances. I’d be happy with either one but since I can only pick one I’d take EnergyEfficient.

chenoweth.com $3628

zve.com $3604

bobbleheads.net $3601

xgv.com $3600

Bobbleheads.net. And I’d hope that I could sell it to the owner of Bobbleheads.com. And I’d hope there is no trademark on the term because I didn’t check (though I would have before spending the $3,600).

And the last one for the day…

mortgageoptions.com $3125

scorecast.com $3103

housecontractors.com $3100

lifekey.com $3047

zbv.com $3010

I think because the finance sector affiliate commissions are very high I’d go with MortgageOptions.com here. I like Scorecast and HouseContractors, but I think MortgageOptions could generate the most revenue and therefore it could generate the best sales price in a flip.

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  • Interesting. I’m a fan of the LLL.com’s so I probably would have went for them in most cases. Especially that uth.com one. In the first group.. hrm, tough one.. Tempted to go with epan.com but really, I can’t think of a single use for it unless there’s a good acronym. I think I’d take iMeeting.com .. sounds like it could be a good fit for some sort of conference call software or something like that.

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