I wrote about Latonas offering the domain Publish.com for almost a million bucks and I called into question the asking price as I thought it was unrealistic (see my original post here: http://www.tld.org/rick-latonas-offering-to-share-commission-on-publish-com ). A week later it seems like Latonas realized it too. In an email they sent out today they lowered the asking price by $300k. Good start but I think they need to drop it further, below $500k if they want to start getting some bites. I’m all for domain owners getting as much as they can for their domains, but I don’t like the move of asking an amount so high it was just unrealistic and then dropping by $300k a week later. To me that signals that they are playing games.

Think of it like this… if you go to buy a car and the car dealer tells you the price is $50k and you walk out because you know that the car is not worth $50k. Then he calls you back a week later and tells you the price is now $35k. Is that a dealer that you trust and who you want to do business with? You might also be thinking in the back of your head that if he just dropped it by so much there’s even further room to drop the price. But that’s just me. Good luck to the seller. I’m sticking to my belief that this will get around $250-300k in the end. Only time will tell.

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