What happens when a domain is listed in two live auctions (one of them has met reserve)… well for WOP.com you should try to get yourself removed from the auction that nobody has bid on yet me thinks…

WOP.com has a bid and has met reserve on Sedo.com, and WOP.com is also listed in the extended auction for Domainfest Barcelona.? If you’re interested in the domain I’d check out the Sedo page (since the current price is $5k less).? When you list your names in auctions make sure you keep good track because you don’t want to sell the same domain twice and got stuck in a pickle.


4 comments on “Whoops for WOP(.com)

  • TLD,

    WOP is a pejorative slur for people from Italy that originated in the United States.

    Why are you promoting this very offensive term?

  • The problem with SnapNames is that they don’t send out e-mails if your name is accepted. Sometimes they do but it’s usually couple of days before the auction starts. Sedo lets you know if your name is rejected or accepted within days.

  • @Walter

    Never heard of that before. Not promoting an offensive term, discussing a domain name.


    Very true, but if someone submits a domain to an auction they should hold off promoting it elsewhere until they find out if it is going to be in that auction. Otherwise you have what happened here…

  • Acting.com is listed at two places as well. Sedo Auction and Boxcar auction. Boxowner is trying to promote the domain when the owner is being sneaky and trying to list it at Sedo auction.

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