I decided to submit two domains to the Great Domains auction.? I’m no longer a fan of these auctions but what the hell, if you put a reserve on them then where’s the harm and its been a while since I submitted any domains to one.? I submitted a N-N.com domain (number dash number domain for a repeating number, only 10 of these in the world) and a one word .com domain that has become very popular in the past two years and I get weekly offers on.? After a few days I get a notice saying they were rejected for the auction because the domains were not quality enough.? So I said to myself “Man, they must have a ton of great domains submitted by people if these got rejected for quality”.? I went over to GreatDomains.com to check out the upcoming auction inventory and needless to say as usual there is a lot of crap in there at reserves that Roseann Barr couldn’t eat her way out of.? I don’t know who oversees this program and who approves the domains but lesson learned, I won’t waste anymore of my time on Sedo’s GreatDomains.

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