I talk to a bunch of different people on forums concerning monetizing websites and the other day I was talking to a guy and gave him some advice and it blew him away.? Now, this advice I gave him is pretty common logic to me and I’ve done it as long as I can remember, but he never considered it before so I figured there may be others out there that didn’t see what was in front of their eyes.

This guy had a website and through our discussion I learned that it was a content based site.? It uses a mixture of Adsense and CPA ads to drive revenue for him.? His site was built out within a month and he ads a few new articles each month.? He spends less than 5 hours a month now on this site, solely to write and add articles.? The competition for his main few keywords is very low.? And within two months of launching his site he was on the first page of Google and within four months he was sitting at spot #2 for his three main keywords.? Spot #1 was taken by a long established authority site on this subject and he seemed resigned to the fact that he would not supplant them, so he was content at being number two.

He didn’t want to get into exact figures, but he said he was making low $X,XXX per month on this site and where he lives that is a very substantial figure and this income is very important to him.

I asked him how many other sites he had about this niche and he said none.? I asked him who was ranking at #3 for these keywords and he said a regular site (i.e. nothing special, not an authority site).

I then asked him why he was losing another $XXX-X,XXX per month that he could have had.? He didn’t really understand so I broke it down for him…

He was pretty easily able to get his site to #2 relatively quickly.? His time per month on the site is minimal now.? His revenue per month is significant to his life.? And the site ranking #3 is nothing special.? Why did he not already build out a new site, focus on the same keywords, but build this site out about a niche within the keywords.? He had a broad site, now build a niche site, but still focus on the same keywords.? There’s no reason why he can’t own the #2 and #3 spots.

If you find something that works you should scale it up.? A lot of people think about scaling but don’t apply this to keywords though.? If you can do well in one keyword, why jump to another keyword, why not try to claim multiple spots at the top by creating multiple sites, each focused on the main keyword but a subsegment of the niche.?? This is smarter then building out one site with a different ‘category’ or ‘section’ for each subsegment.

So this guy got excited and he’s going to let me know in a month or two how its going, but I would expect based on the variables that he’ll grab another one of the above the fold spots and make incremental revenue.

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  • this is great stuff. cant believe i never even though of that. You have just given me several projects to take on this weekend. Thanks buddy.

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