The domain name is up for auction over at Flippa and to date there’s been 17 bidders with a high bid of $100,000 so far, but the reserve has not been met. It is listed by user WebsiteBroker1 which sounds like a middle man broker username to me. A few things about this auction that came to mind.

The domain name has a thin site on it right now… if you’re auctioning it off why not redirect the domain to the auction page?

If this domain is being sold by a broker, why would the owner not just list it themselves on Flippa? (I am assuming that this is being brokered, I could be incorrect)

If you have a category killer domain name like this is Flippa the best place to attempt to sell it? IMO I think not.

The description on Flippa, which is for all intense purposes, the ‘sales pitch’ leaves a lot to be desired. For a domain that should get mid six figures or above you’d think the lister would put a little more effort into selling the domain and the value that it can hold as a brand.

You can see the auction here:

What do you think?

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