If you want to talk about some domains to drool over this list of upcoming Namejet auction domains should get your saliva dripping down your chin and rolling off your face.? Normally I will only search through the domains that have a day or two left before they start processing for auction, but once in a while I like to look at everything that is coming due for auction and seeing all those juicy domains.? Here’s a list of domains that you and every other domainer out there will be wanting to scoop up. And if you want to add me to your feed here you go: http://www.tld.org/feed

XDD.com – best LLL.com on the board.? I am partial to anything with double D’s.

Anniversary.org – all married couples have this, and all guys search online for what they are supposed to “buy”.? This is a nice buying keyword even though you might not think so at first.

QBX.com – he leads the action in the bedroom, QB X.

XPE.com – with all the x’s here you could come up with a clever way to use the other letters and make these porn related.

XSA.com – same as above.

Gumm.com – Gumm gumm for dum dum?

1602.com – I don’t buy many number domains but I have heard the far east loves these things.

UTH.com – the U at the beginning is useful, could be university or united or universal.

TippyToes.com – nice brandable, sell ballet shoes on this one.

Popouts.com – sounds like a new WordPress plugin product that you can create and sell.

WhiteGold.org – gold is worth a lot or so Yahoo Finance seems to say in the headline every day.

Sello.com – I don’t buy many LLLLL.com domains, but this one I’m in it to win it.

Preview.net – don’t let the .net scare you away.? Still a nice domain name.

Presentation.net – see preview.net.

Saxi.com – fan of the LLLL.com’s.? I’ll be a bidder here…

FamilyJewels.com – I see a video site with the world’s largest collection of nut shots.? Same caption on each video “Ooooo, that’s gotta hurt”.

eBin.com – possible cloud type of product.

PopCulture.net – good name for a app or trivia site.? People love pop culture.

Closeouts.org – love the keyword but don’t love the .org attached to it.? Still think it has good value though.

Scandal.tv – this makes sense with the .tv extension.

MortgageOptions.com – high paying keyword.? Sign up with a company like Surehits.com and monetize this bad boy to the bank (assuming you spend time and money for the next 50 years on SEO).

ePal.com – everyone needs one.? I’m not on Facebook so they are harder to come by.

EraseDebt.com – nice keywords, I’m a bidder here.? Think this one has great resale prospects.

SharePlaces.com– nice app name, something along the lines of a FourSquare.

DogTrack.net – never been to one though there is one in the town over from me.? I have dogs so I see dogs running around more than enough.

BadCreditRepair.net – some good financial keyword domains here.? Wouldn’t be surprised if a big player comes in and swoops them all up.

HotelBlogger.com – dream job…? travel the globe reviewing hotels and making a living off of it.? Who would have it better than you?

Angr.com – I like it without the “e”.? Looks trendy.? A social site for mad people.

Rodriguez.net – popular last name.? Sell it to Alex.? He is overpaid and has money to blow.

Focus.net – something we all need a little more of.? I tend to lose it when I think of those Double D’s previously mentioned.

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